1913 Colt Navy M1911
S/N 40,197

This late 1913 production Colt M1911, serial no. 40197 was shipped in a batch of 1000 1911s on July 30th, 1913 to the U.S. NAVY Yard, Brooklyn New York. This pistol appears to be a completely original 1913 NAVY marked pistol.  Most 1911 pistols were marked “ARMY” and after 1915 all were so marked.  “NAVY” marked pistols are highly sought after by collectors and are seldom found in original, let alone in excellent or better condition.  This pistol is from the largest of the 11 batches of NAVY marked 1911s.  Note how well the grip screws fit in the wooden stock holes and also note how crisp and clean the screw slots appear.  Further note the slightly lighter smoky blue color of the small parts.  The small parts were made harder than the frame or slide and will, as a result, take blueing different than the softer slide and frame.  In the left view, note  the concave mainspring housing retainer pin and the rounded rear sight.

Notice the razor sharp lines at the edges and where the slide sides blend into the top curve.  The barrels used in these pistols have the horizontal HP mark visible through the ejection port, but have the second type finish that is smooth and the only machining marks visible through the ejection port are concentric to the axis of the barrel.  This second type horizontally marked HP barrel was used from about serial #38000 to about serial # 120000.  The first type horizontal H marked barrel ran from about serial #25000 to about serial #38000 and it had a coarse black non reflective finish with machining marks running parallel with the axis of the barrel.  A lanyard loop/two-tone or possibly a keyhole type magazine would have been original to this pistol made in 1913.  The pistol would normally have been issued with a 1912 pattern swivel holster. Reference Charles Clawsons “Colt .45 Service pistols”.

Navy Text Right Profile
Right profile
Left profile
Left profile
Rampant Colt
Rampant Colt, rear of slide, 
and no circle.
1911 Patent date
1911 Patent date, property mark, 
and inspectors cartouche.
1913 U.S. Navy
Slide U.S. Navy Stamping

From Karl Karash collection
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