Remington Rand ERRS. 61
Experimental Remington Rand Series #61

The Remington Rand Demonstration or Presentation Pistols were apparently made from mid to late production parts, but were pulled from production before any military markings could be applied. According to Charles Clawson books the ERRS (Experimental Remington Rand Series) were created by Remington Rand for conducting experiments to improve their product. They were later presented to officials and employees of the company.

There may have been only one batch of these pistols totaling less than 150 in number. Several of these pistols were found in a Remington Rand vault in Buffalo NY in the early 1960's. Barely visible in the image below the "ERRS" stamp is present before the "61". Also pictured in the pistol gallery is US&S Exp #61. These ERRS and EXP pistols are highly prized by collectors. This pistol was acquired from the collection of Karl Karash, well known and respected Military Firearms collector and editor of the 1911s section of the Krause Military Firearms Price Guide.

Click here to see the US&S #61 experimental.

From the B. Kramer