1945 Ithaca M1911A1U.S. Army
Serial Number 2,118,xxx

This late wartime production Ithaca has an "HS" stamped (High Standard) barrel, flat side Ithaca made grooved (serrated) hammer, stamped trigger, Keyes Fiber Co. plastic grips with the thin reinforcement rings (circles) around the grip screw holes. This gun has the proper serrated mainspring housing, thumb safety, and slide stop. The inspection stamp of Frank J. Atwood "FJA" is located on the left hand side of the receiver behind the trigger. His stamps are found on both Remington Rand and Ithaca 1911A1s and is stamped after finish.

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Serrated slide lock and thumb safeties observed on Ithacas as early as the 1.2M range
Rev 1.0c    From the collections of Karl Karash (first 6)
and D. Kamm (last 6 images)