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Welcome to www.CoolGunSite.com. This website is a repository of United States Government issue pistol, revolver, and long arms research, data, and conclusions that have been compiled by myself with the aid of other collectors who have graciously shared the fruits of their labors. It is my intention to constantly update, add-to, improve, and correct this website.  I therefore solicit and encourage comments, corrections, elaborations, as well as contributions of new material.  With 1000's of visitors a month the site does have costs, please support us by making purchases from our bookstore and for sale section. Some products are offered from our association with Amazon.com and Brownells while others we offer direct. All are competitively priced and top quality.

Focus areas include military handguns, primarily the U.S. Government Issue (U.S.G.I) Model 1911/1911 A1 pistols and U.S.G.I. small arms which include pistols, revolvers and rifles dating from the years of 1840 to 1945. Besides collecting I also shoot the Model 1911A1 competitively in various styles of events. I am not a fire arms dealer, but I can legally purchase pre-1950 Military pistols anywhere in the U.S. of A., and I am always interested in hearing about original U.S. Military Pistols and Revolvers FOR SALE or TRADE.  I am a member of the Washington Arms Collectors (WAC) Association, and I am usually present at (WAC) sanctioned events.
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Featured USGI Small arm

1943 Colt Commando

Colt 1943 commando
 This is a war time production revolver with matte blue finish and has the inspection mark of Brigadier General Guy H. Drewry. Click here for details.

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