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Although I focus primarily on the M1911 and M1911A1 as a collector I also think the great revolvers of the Military make a great collectible and can enhance any collection.  On this page you will find some examples of the primary revolver of World War II AKA - the "Victory" model (or S&W Military and Police  ) as well as some of the other notables dating back to the Civil War. In surfing the net I have not been able to find much information on these revolvers so I have made this page available for others to share in my research. Like the M1911/M1911A1 there are many variations of military revolvers  and as I get time I will post more. If you have thoughts or research you want to share on these fine revolvers feel free to email me at the email address that follows or by clicking on this link  Tymoore122@hotmail.com

Navy Model 1842

N.P. Ames .54
Savage Navy Model

.36 Caliber
Model 1861 Army

Remington .44 Caliber
 Model 1860 Army - "US"

Colt .44 Caliber
 Model 1860 Army

Colt .44 Caliber
Model 1863 Army

Starr .44 Caliber
Navy Model 1867

Remington .50 Caliber
Navy Model 1889

Colt .38
Model 1894

Colt .38
Navy Model 1899
Smith & Wesson .38 LC
Model 1903

Colt .38
Model 1909

Colt .45
Model 1917

Colt .45 ACP
Model 1917

AA/Colt.45 ACP
Model 1917

S&W SN 16xxx
Model 1917

S&W SN 63xxx
Model 1917

S&W SN 143xxx
1940 38/200 BSR LL

SN 726xxx S&W .38
1941 38/200 BSR LL

SN 881xxx S&W .38
1941 Canadian Navy

SN 352674 Colt .45
1942 Colt Commando
Colt Commando 1943
SN 32839 .38 Special
Navy 1942 M&P

SN 983xxx .38 Special
1942 Victory

SN V12xxx .38 Special
1942 Victory

SN V115xxx S&W .38
Navy 1943 Victory

SN V210xxx .38 Special
1943 Victory

SN V315xxx S&W .38
Navy-Army 1943 Victory

SN V399xxx S&W .38
1943 Victory

SN V404xxx S&W .38
1943 Victory

SN V486xxx S&W .38
Navy 1943 Victory

SN V484xxx .38 Special
Navy 1945 Victory

SN SV774xxx  .38 Special
Ruger 1980 U.S. issue

SN 156-88922 .38 Special
World War II Victory model notes page. Click here!
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